Why Professional Wedding Photography is Better

omaha wedding photography_grant s reidIf you’re a couple who are deciding whether to have a professional photographer capture your wedding day or simply rely on family and friends to take photos on their personal cameras or smartphones, you know that there are advantages to each plan. With amateur photography, everyone at the wedding can take photographs, but the quality of those photographs isn’t assured—you could potentially be left with hundreds of shots that aren’t the ones you want, or that are simply too blurry, too grainy, or too dark to be of use.

With professional wedding photography from Grant S Reid, on the other hand, the photographs of your wedding day will be a timeless reminder of one of the most important days of both of your lives. As a professional photographer since 2002, Grant S Reid has years of experience in capturing weddings, and it’s this experience that makes Grant S Reid Photography the best choice for your wedding photography.

The Problems with Amateur Wedding Photography

The biggest problem with amateur wedding photography is that most people don’t know how to capture the kinds of images you want to remember your wedding day. Whether they’re using point-and-shoot cameras or smartphone cameras (both of which can’t compare to professional camera equipment) or they simply don’t have an eye for framing memorable shots, the results you get from regular cameras and novice photographers don’t match what you envision.

Grant S Reid Photography is Better for Weddings

Family and friends that attend your wedding generally have certain places to be at certain times, which means that they’re limited in the photographs they can reasonably take. Family and friends are at your wedding to experience the special moments with you, and being distracted by taking pictures can take away from that experience. It can also be disruptive to the ceremony to have your family members or friends leave their seats to take photographs, but you don’t have that problem with professional wedding photography.

Wedding photographers are expected to be on the move throughout your wedding day, and since their main focus is getting the best photographs for you, they can move more freely to frame the best shots. Simply put, professional photographers can get the shots others can’t.

Grant Reid also has the equipment and knowledge to produce photographs that are much higher in quality than point-and-shoot or smartphone cameras. Plus, when you hire Grant to photograph your wedding, you also get the benefit of his extensive photo-editing experience, so that every photograph included in your package looks its absolute best.

Contact Grant S Reid for Professional Wedding Photography

Grant S Reid Photography is your best choice for professional wedding photography in the Omaha area. Feel free to peruse our wedding photo gallery to get an idea of what Grant’s unique style can bring to your wedding, and give us a call at (402) 999-1472 to schedule your date today!