Omaha Wedding Photography

Photographed in the Durham Museum, Omaha , Nebraska, utilizing natural light throughout the 2 hour shoot. Using a tripod to keep the camera stable in these lighting conditions was key, especially where there was a lack of natural light. An impressive building, harking back to the Art Deco period, I felt it was important to integrate the backdrop into the shoot as much as possible. Working with clients you have never met until day of the shoot is not my preferred option but sometimes due to time constraints, this may be the only viable solution. It’s of the upmost importance to make sure I break down the barriers as quickly as possible. There is nothing worse than clients who feel nervous when the lens hits them between the eyes. You must soothe their anxieties and make them feel as relaxed as humanly possible. It does take skill and a certain understanding of how to connect.

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Boudoir Photography in Omaha for Women and Men

port_4 (2)Many couples think that boudoir photography in Omaha is only for weddings, but the truth is that there are many occasions where a man or a woman could want to give intimate photographs to their partner. Boudoir photographs are traditionally given as a gift from a wife- or husband-to-be to their significant other, but their popularity has been expanding lately, so much so that they’ve become a perfect gift idea for nearly any occasion.

When you’re looking for professional boudoir photography in Omaha, though, it’s important to realize that there’s more to this art form than simply posing in lingerie or sexy clothing. To end up with the best boudoir photographs for your significant other, you have to hire a professional like Grant Reid who understands the art form through extensive training in fashion design. (more…)

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Newborn Photography in Omaha Saves Family Memories

a82-copyWhile many people use their point-and-shoot or smartphone cameras for snapping pictures of their infants, professional newborn photography in Omaha can take your impromptu shots to a different level.

When you’re looking for unique and artistic pictures of your baby that will stand as family mementos for generations, you need to choose a professional photographer like Grant S Reid. Newborn and baby photo shoots with your family can be a chance for you to express your creativity and personality in a fun atmosphere, creating memories and stories that you can share for years to come.


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