Elderly Portrait Photography Can Tell a Life Story

port_5When you or a parent are looking for professional elderly portrait photography services in Omaha, there are certain qualities that you’d like to find in working with any photographer. For instance, you’d like to find a photographer who understands that photographing members of the older generation isn’t quite the same as other forms of portraiture. Our elders are our community’s greatest strength–they’ve seen more and had more life experience than anyone else, and elderly portrait photography can help capture the history they’ve taken part in and the life story that’s deeply-rooted in who they are.

Many portrait photographers do not tailor their portrait-taking experience when working with elderly clients. Grant Reid, on the other hand, knows the unique challenges that come with portrait photography for the elderly. He understands that the best elderly portrait photography draws from personal history for inspiration, so he wants to know what has made his clients the people they are today. As an artist, Grant’s overall mission is to create portraits that reflect the precious lives of those he photographs.

With Elderly Portrait Photography, Communication is Key

Great communication is essential between a photographer and their client. Grant understands the importance of building a sense of trust with all of his clients, including the older generation, so that they can be comfortable during the photography session. Grant clearly explains the timeline of the process so you or your parent can know exactly what to expect. With his specialized approach, Grant helps build the familiarity and comfort with his clients that allow him to capture those perfect, one-of-a-kind photos that reflect their personality and history.

Grant Reid Creates Portraits That Tell a Life Story

Grant can use many methods in order to incorporate your life story into your portraits. He knows that your interesting talents, quirks, and habits built from a lifetime of experience are what make for portraits that represent you as a person, not just a subject.

Many Omaha photographers treat elderly portrait photography as a simple process, with little more than a chair, backdrop, and camera. Grant Reid, on the other hand, is invested in the beauty, drama, and personality your portraits can convey. From your career and family to talents and hobbies you’ve been practicing for years, Grant Reid can create lifestyle and environment portraits that capture your individual personality and family history.

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There are unique challenges that come with elderly portrait photography in Omaha, and Grant Reid has the experience and talent to help capture your life experience in compelling ways. Please feel free to explore our portraiture gallery to get an idea for Grant’s style, and give him a call at (402) 999-1472 to schedule a photography session for you or your parent today!