Why You Need Commercial Contract Photography from Grant S Reid

commerical contract photography_grant s reidFor whatever reason your business need quality photographs, from architecture and real estate to portraiture and travel photographs, it’s always better to rely on commercial contract photography than assigning the task to an employee of your company.

Grant S Reid Photography specializes in a wide variety of photography niches, so no matter why you need striking and original photographs to support your business, Grant S Reid can deliver them.

Today we’ll spend some time talking about the differences between having photography done in-house or relying on stock photography and hiring a commercial contract photographer like Grant S Reid. In-house and stock photography are often touted as a more economical choice, but they come with real downsides that make them cost your business more in the long run. (more…)

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Elderly Portrait Photography Can Tell a Life Story

port_5When you or a parent are looking for professional elderly portrait photography services in Omaha, there are certain qualities that you’d like to find in working with any photographer. For instance, you’d like to find a photographer who understands that photographing members of the older generation isn’t quite the same as other forms of portraiture. Our elders are our community’s greatest strength–they’ve seen more and had more life experience than anyone else, and elderly portrait photography can help capture the history they’ve taken part in and the life story that’s deeply-rooted in who they are.

Many portrait photographers do not tailor their portrait-taking experience when working with elderly clients. Grant Reid, on the other hand, knows the unique challenges that come with portrait photography for the elderly. He understands that the best elderly portrait photography draws from personal history for inspiration, so he wants to know what has made his clients the people they are today. As an artist, Grant’s overall mission is to create portraits that reflect the precious lives of those he photographs. (more…)

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Why Grant Reid Should Be Your Omaha Family Photographer

K79-copy (1)Getting the immediate or extended family together for a photo shoot can be quite a challenge, but with the right Omaha family photographer to help you through the process, a family photo session doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, when you choose Grant S Reid Photography for your family portraits, Grant makes the process seamless, fun, and easy, all while delivering spectacular results that you’ll be proud to share with family and friends and display in your home for years to come.

Grant Reid is a Unique Omaha Family Photographer

Unlike the family portraits you get from some other photographers in Omaha, including those from chain portrait studios, Grant Reid can give you photographs that are unique and tailored to your family’s personality. With other portrait studios, your selection of backdrops and props is often limited only to what those photographers have on hand, which can lead to you settling for photos that aren’t exactly what you envisioned. This is the last thing you want, especially when your portraits will be displayed in your home for years or given to family and friends as gifts. (more…)

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Newborn Photography in Omaha Saves Family Memories

a82-copyWhile many people use their point-and-shoot or smartphone cameras for snapping pictures of their infants, professional newborn photography in Omaha can take your impromptu shots to a different level.

When you’re looking for unique and artistic pictures of your baby that will stand as family mementos for generations, you need to choose a professional photographer like Grant S Reid. Newborn and baby photo shoots with your family can be a chance for you to express your creativity and personality in a fun atmosphere, creating memories and stories that you can share for years to come.


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