Why Professional Wedding Photography is Better

omaha wedding photography_grant s reidIf you’re a couple who are deciding whether to have a professional photographer capture your wedding day or simply rely on family and friends to take photos on their personal cameras or smartphones, you know that there are advantages to each plan. With amateur photography, everyone at the wedding can take photographs, but the quality of those photographs isn’t assured—you could potentially be left with hundreds of shots that aren’t the ones you want, or that are simply too blurry, too grainy, or too dark to be of use.

With professional wedding photography from Grant S Reid, on the other hand, the photographs of your wedding day will be a timeless reminder of one of the most important days of both of your lives. As a professional photographer since 2002, Grant S Reid has years of experience in capturing weddings, and it’s this experience that makes Grant S Reid Photography the best choice for your wedding photography. (more…)

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family portrait session

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Reasons to Hire a Professional Portrait Photographer

portrait photographer_grant s reidPortrait photographs are special for many reasons—whether you want a portrait of yourself, your children, or your extended family, these photographs are lasting reminders of different stages of your life that need to be treated with care and attention to detail. Many people think that that’s what they’re getting when they go to a “portrait studio” at the mall, but in reality, only a professional portrait photographer can give you the quality photographs you’re looking for.

Grant S Reid Has a Different Approach

Chain portrait studios are tethered to their locations, which means that you have limited options when deciding the look you want for your portraits. Rather than settling for the meager selection of backdrops and props for your portrait that a chain portrait studio can provide, Grant S Reid offers nearly limitless possibilities for your portrait session. And since Grant is an independent professional portrait photographer, he can tailor your portrait session to your exact specifications. (more…)

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